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WIFI: A Tale of the Dangers of Wireless Antenna Booster

Much of the states in the US keep a good deal of access for the Wifi or the Wireless Broadband Internet access. To add more to the excitement of the users, the Wifi is offered at a really friendly price. One can have an access of it anywhere in the city because the only thing to do is to affix a Wifi antenna and one can already enjoy all of the services at stake.

Philadelphia and San Francisco are strongly in favor of the reduction of the digital divide through the use of the Wifi. It thing that Wifi is a solution for the problem faced by the internet users since most of the times, the poorer the user is, the more limited the access to the net and the information garnered is. This is unfair, so to speak.

But then, Wifi has a torment posed to the users. By saturating the whole city with Wifi, the agony and burden of the non ionizing radiation heightens. A long term exposure to such can merger a danger in health. Other sources of the non ionizing radiation are the electrical and electronic devices such as the tv and radio signals and the cell phone.

How a Wireless Internet Access Works

The LAN or the local area network is the one which links the printers, computers, modems, and other kinds of devices. The traditional LANs are the ones that create the physical links of the devices by means of the wire cable.

There is the router which takes charge of managing the information between the devices on the network and the computers themselves. A wireless LAN is something that rids with the use of the wire cable since there is a router that transfers and receives all of the signals. A wireless antenna booster increases the strength of the signal as received back and forth by the routers.

The Real Deal with Radio Frequencies

The frequencies of the cell phones operate between 3 up to 30 GHz in range which stands to be the same with a microwave oven. A wireless antenna booster increases the current alternates. More inasmuch as, it is a fact that the use of the wireless antenna boosters purely creates a difference.

Some Health Dangers to Note

Advocates of the Wifi strongly ignore the fact that the over exposure to the non ionizing radiation can pose discord to their health since they think that the radiation content exuded by the Wifi is lesser compared to the one emitted by the cell phones when they get pressed onto one’s head.

More so, the effect of such is recognized based on the heating basis of the radiation. The possible effects of the radiation of the cell phone are made known by the experts to include memory loss, slowed reaction time and motor skills, sleep disruption, headaches, increased pulse interpolate and blood pressure, cell proliferation, dizziness and spatial disorientation, lowered sperm count, and DNA breakage.

They also stress out that the bravura to cell phones is intermittent compared to the constant mode of exposure to Wifi.

Wireless antenna boosters all the more strengthen the signal picked up by the routers. It is important to consider shopping around for the best deals of wireless antenna boosters before finally buying them. Also ensure that you will be able to achieve your desired output.




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