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Antenna Booster Cell Phone Samsung

Antenna Booster Cell Phone: Getting One for Your Samsung Phone or not?

You are in the middle of a business transaction with an important person; you are almost at the end of a successful deal that would probably make your business at the top of the limelight; when suddenly you are talking endlessly but the person at the other end of the line does not seem to hear you at all and becomes unresponsive. What happened? You checked the small screen recorder of your cell phone and there's the problem! The call was ended without any warning.

This scenario is a lot frustrating and in your case, could even drive you mad. Dropping of the calls is not a new scenario though. It has always been the emphatically common complaints of undocked people from all over the apple. This is not surprising as the signal waves coming from cell phone networks will stray at anytime of the day. There are many waves coming from the satellites, networks, and unequal frequencies and they seem to get stuck with each other; and poor receptions are always never unavoidable.

So, how are you going to solve this problem? Would you want to reckon with getting an antenna booster for your Samsung cell phone? The cell phone antenna boosters have been in the industry for the former three years. Manufacturers retain a lot to claim about this little - sticker - gadget but all amounts to one materiality: strengthened signal reception.

Despite of all the critics getting their break across that cell phone antenna boosters do not have anything with them that would make those claims of manufacturers achievable, consumers continue to employ its calling. There are claims coming from these manufacturers which only amount to improvement, but these are countered with the identical amount of analysis from those critics who would not just believe the booster actually works effectively.

If anything, according to these people, an installed antenna booster to your Samsung would even make a drastic, harmful interference. Nevertheless, the little gadgets are everywhere the market. In the internet alone, you would see multifarious designs with the little auroral electronic drawing usually placed in the middle. Prices also range with one as low as US$5.

So what are those claims from the manufacturers about their cell phone antenna boosters?

First, the antenna booster is a sticker - like device that sticks at the back of the battery of the cell phone. Installation is very easy and even a 7 - year - old can do it. It is actually an internal booster that works like a satellite dish which it is supposed to capture stray radiation. Captured gesticulate would be re - radiated back to your cell phone and you get improved or increased signal reception.

Specifically, your cell phone antenna booster is an amplifier for your Samsung which helps in increasing transmission range and enhancing sound quality with reduced noise. And with this improvement, dropped calls are significantly reduced.

How to install antenna booster to your Samsung cellphone?

If you have bent to pick the gadget for you phone, you can install it in minutes. Most internal antenna booster install in minutes. First, you have to remove the circle from your cell phone. Make sure to wipe clean the battery compartment to get rid of dirt mark and fingerprints. When removing the yellow backing from the booster, it would help if you will not leave any mark or prints, as this seems to reduce the quality of its reliability.

With the adhesive side, press the sticker onto the body of your cell phone where the battery sits. Make confident to place the antenna booster without having any contact with circuit boards or metal. Ensue back the battery and the cover. After which, you can check for your Samsung if there is any difference with its signal.




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